Tags: plot-centric, command line tool

Glaive is a fast planning algorithm which leverages computational models of narrative to solve multi-agent coordination problems often encountered in stories. Each character has its own goals and should only act on those goals, but the group as a whole needs to be shepherded toward an author goal as if by an invisible puppetmaster. Each character should appear to act only on its own goals, cooperating and conflicting with other agents along the way to the author's desired outcome.

  • URL:
  • Program Availability: download, cross-platform (requires Java 7 or above)
  • Code Availability: available
  • Installation process: none needed (self-contained)
  • Documentation:
    • Instructions for running it on an example domain (the "Raiders of the Lost Ark" domain) are in top-level README file.
    • No manual or systematic documentation, but contains a description of features (requires expertise in AI automated planning).
  • Tutorials/learning materials: none for this purpose, but URL points to papers explaining main operation.