Tags: simulation-centric, command line tool

A reconstruction, in Common Lisp, of James Meehan's program in Inside Computer Understanding: Five Programs Plus Miniatures, Roger Schank and Christopher Riesbeck (eds.).

  • URL: http://eliterature.org/images/microtalespin.txt
  • Program Availability: download, cross-platform
  • Code Availability: available
  • Installation process: none needed (interpreter)
  • Documentation:
    • Instructions for running it on a tiny example are in comments at the top of the file: Install “clisp”; run “clisp” from directory with above file; type (load “micro-talespin-demo.txt”).
    • Simple to run on other stories by invoking (micro-talespin-demo storyX) for various numbers X.
    • No manual or systematic documentation, but good examples and comments.
  • Tutorials/learning materials: none